365 Valentines

On that date, they took a walking tour of a local classical garden. After that somewhat chilly walk, she invited him back to her house to warm up on the sofa by her wood stove.

Not so unusual, you are thinking, people meet in many ways and places and that isn't so extra-ordinary. What happened next is surely where the magic begins.

When the man returned home he wanted to express in some unique way, the warm feelings he had experienced on that sofa. So he wrote her a short poem.

To be quite specific, he wrote her a Haiku - a poem of 17 syllables arranged in three lines. The first line composed of 5 syllables, the second line composed of 7 syllables, and the final line with 5 syllables again.

Now, there is a log tradition of Haiku, stretching back to Japan at the beginning of the thirteenth century. These short, condensed poems are most often about nature, the seasons and a Zen-like spirituality as it applies to life and the world.

This poem was a bit different in that he tried to capture the essence and mystery of that pleasant afternoon on the sofa. Here is what he wrote and sent to her.:

gray November day
your black cat whispers secrets
in my happy ear

To his surprise, here is what she wrote back to him:

flannel comforter
human comforted, morning
held your warmth in both

I don't know if you can imagine what a thrill it was for him to get such a wonderful Haiku in return. He had often written poems for people and had received a few, as well. But this was different - a direct response in the same language, so beautifully wrtten, with such a romantic sentiment, was totally unexpected.

It is as if you have spent many years as a stranger in a foreign country, hearing only the local language day after day, and one day someone responds to you in your native tongue. And that person is saying something beautiful to you, saying it in a way that tells you you are not alone, and won't have to be alone again.

His response was:

to speak and be heard,
to hear clear words from your heart -
is to be held, well

To which she replied:

storm out, refuge in
for easy, sagacious use:
your free season pass

And so began a year-long conversation between two lovers, written in Haiku, that chronicles the development of their love and the explorations of their spirits.

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Can you picture waiting each week for the next installment of this romantic conversation - like them, not knowing from one week to the next what delightful poem will show up in your email?

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as always,
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P. S. The man is, of course, me. The woman is someone who has asked to remain anonymous - and I honor that.

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