Erotic Mind Control - Fact Or Fiction?

The theory of erotic mind control has been split up into two schools of thought. One is the belief that one can position the mind to believe that the individual is an erotic being - which exudes sexual charisma and confidence, the two Cs that is made to attract the opposite sex. The other school of thought is the arena of self belief - when one person becomes an erotic human being - a highly active individual, who becomes a highly sexual and active person. The issue here is not whether erotic mind control is fact or fiction, I would say that it is a fact in todays life; it is all down to the power of the mind to believe.

Can we transform a person to have the mental faculties to be a highly sexual individual or one that can easily attract the opposite sex? The answer is yes. It is all down to believing in oneself and removing doubt, fear and nervousness - allowing a charismatic and confident individual to appear. For a long time, the medical industry has been using autogenics, which uses a bombardment of messages to someone who has been slipped into a highly suggestive state. These messages have a many-fold purpose, in this case medical treatment of conditions like OCD or AD/ADHD.

Affirmation (or even affirmation prayer in its most rudimentary form) is the belief of inundating someone with positive thinking through the use of auditory and constant visual stimulation. So lets apply this school of thought to erotic mind control.

Transforming oneself into one capable of high levels of eroticism, so much so that sexual attraction becomes part of them, is a possibility with technology called brainwave entrainment. The brain itself is a highly suggestive piece of machinery, but to protect it from being exploited by even base sensory perceptions, it has split it up into two - the consciousness where logic and rationale come into play, and when messages get filtered there, they end up in the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is the one that builds up mind, spirit and soul and everything we do, including our behavioural flaws, our fears and out lack of sexual confidence, all comes from the subconscious mind. Brainwave entrainment technology gives us the power to enter the subconscious mind and remove all those tears and fears that lead us to stumble and fail. By targeting specific frequency states in the brain and invoking them through stimulation, we are able to be all that we can be. All those years of feeling second place in the attraction wars or the feeling of ill confidence in bed will simply disappear and you will be greeted in the morning with a newer, more confident you.

The applications simply dont stop at eroticism, but spill over to many forms of super learning, accelerated language retention, mental focus, creativity, meditation, healing. We as a race have always wanted more and more power to change the very essence that makes us who we are - and brainwave entrainment is the latest chapter in this never-ending book.


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