Copywriting And Advertising Secrets Pheremones On Paper

Have you ever seen those ads for pheremones and their almost magical quality to attract members of the opposite sex?

I know youve seen them. Theyre in the stylish mens and womens magazines, like Maxim and Madamoiselle. Youll see two contented people, perhaps nuzzling up to one another in an intimate pose with some fluffy bedsheets around them or some faded candle burning in the background. Then youll see a headline along the lines of Give Her What She Really Wants or Drive Him Crazy With Your Scent Alone.

After you read the copy (and if cleverly done, it looks much like the layout of the rest of the magazine) youll see they are selling pheremones, sexual attractants used to arouse a partner using the sense of smell.

Well, wouldnt it be great if there were a way to use your words alone as the proverbial pheremone? Yes, you say? Well, there is a way and here is one of the biggest secrets.

Before I get to that secret (there I go delaying gratification again), lets take a look at friendship. What is it about a close friend that makes them a close friend? There are many attributes, but I believe one of them is very basic and common to ALL meaningful friendships. That attribute is

Your friend understands your world and your way of looking at things at a deeper level than strangers or acquaintances.

If they are a REALLY good friend, they will understand what you want and what you keep away from.

All good friends know this about one another. Of course, there are other things you probably value in a friendship, but Im 100% certain what I mentioned above covers a huge chunk of it.

Can you see where Im going with this? Lets see if you can predict. Look at the title of this writing and see if you can follow my lead. No, it has nothing to do with being attracted to your friends. :-)

If you thought about it, youll see that effective copywriting is like pheremones on paper. The best copy demonstrates that you understand your prospects world and that you know what they desire and what they want to keep away from.

This immediately sets you apart as someone they should listen to, because listening to you is like listening to themselves or someone they long to be.

Once you get this, you have much of the job done. When you understand your audience, you are in the pilots seat.

Furthemore, as it relates to hormones, when you demonstrate that you understand your prospects world, you will become highly attractive those pheremones on paper. Concurrently, folks will feel a bond with you. They may even think Hey, thats me!. I know Ive felt this exact way when reading great copy from someone I havent met in real life.

And even if they havent met you before, theyll feel a kinship with you and make you a friend at least in their imaginations.

Here are a few examples of how you can demonstrate you understand another persons world or reality. Lets imagine you are a copywriter and are a speaking to a mother of newborn babies:

She is brand new, your joy, your everything. She seemed to come into the world smiling in your embrace. And you want for her everything you never had when cradled in your mothers loving arms at that fragile age. As she coos up at you with awe and dependency, you want for her only the best you can provide. Baby Smiles Formula understands her needs and provides them for those first critical 9 months of bonding with mother.

Okay, what did I do here? The very first sentence, I get into the mothers world (and with emotion, which we will go into later) and describe how she is feeling about her newborn baby. I even describe how baby would look at mama dependently, in awe. I then describe what it was like to have this new addition in her life and how mama only wants the best for her child something all moms want.

Then I provide them the solution to their concerns.

I demonstrated authority in their world. And people gravitate to those who understand their lives. Infuse this with emotional intensity and you have a winner.

Lets take another totally different example. Imagine you are a cage match fighter. By the way, Im not a cage match fighter or a mother and have no interest in being either (Im all for motherhood but Im a guy). But it would be interesting to see a combination of mom fighter cage deathmatches.

Its time to kick some ass.

Youre in the cage. Heart is pounding, lights blinding, crowd cheering the coming typhoon locked in your fists. You see him, your opponent, your target. He sees the tiger in your eye - the killer determination to dominate his will and emerge the victor. Forget gentle. Forget Mr. Nice Guy. Forget pain. He can eat those in your knuckle sandwiches. This moment is yours to own. Its time to show him whos boss. The Metal Fighter Solid DVD Series shows you how.

That one feels a bit different than the last one, doesnt it? But the method is the same get into the persons world, in this case a cage fighter. Describe what hes feeling, thinking. Then offer a solution or a way they can get what they want.

Also, worth to note it notice how this one is structured a bit differently as well. Whereas the first example had full, complete sentences, the fighter one above was more punctuated. It was comprised of shorter phrases and incomplete sentences, almost as if I were visually growling at the reader. Its quite blunt, direct, and aggressive, like one-two punches. That is appealing to any hardcore fighter.

So you can see, two vastly different examples employing the same method of establishing authority in someones world simply by using words. When you demonstrate you understand your audience, what they are thinking, feeling, their goals, you automatically become attractive, much like those intoxicating pheremones in the magazines.

So get to work, and sprinkle your copy with those delicious word scents!

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