How To Tell True Dirty Talk Stories

Ah, the thrill of those sexy true confessions! There's a reason reality shows are so popular. We love to see the little inside moves of someone else. We love to know what happens behind the scenes and between the sheets. We love those true dirty love stories that come to light when it's confession time.

Have you ever had the honest talk about your past with your partner? If you haven't, it's a hot idea to consider. Depending upon how open your lover is - and how much of a jealous type they are - you might be able to share the most intimate details of your most fantastic romps with each other. The more you hear about your lover's past, the more you can plan for making the future of their sex life better than ever.

There will be some, however, who don't like the idea of hearing anything about your past. They want to simply let their imagination work and don't want to be told in bold detail about the wild things you did before they met them. In this case, finding another outlet for your dirty love stories is a good idea. Visit erotic message boards to write out your story for strangers to read. Write it down and send it to the "Letters" section of Penthouse. Sit down with your best friend, split a bottle of wine, and spill all the naughty details.

Those are good options for those who are worried about talking to their partner, or concerned that their partner doesn't want to hear about their storiesbut if you are a little bolder, broach the subject with your lover. Approach it with a "you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine" mentality.

When you're ready to give your true and honest dirty love story confession, set the stage for romance. Light candles and dress the bed in new satin sheets. Have a glass of wine to relax. Turn on music, soft and low, to heighten the delicious ambiance. Start out by telling your partner about the things you dreamed about before you were in love, the naughty fantasies that awakened your sexuality over the years, and then tell your lover about your most arousing sexual encounter. Perhaps tell them about something that was so raunchy and sexy that you can hardly believe you actually did it.

And once you're turned on, relive that moment with your partner. Then lie back, catch your breath, and tell your lover that it's their turn to share a naughty true dirty love story!

By: Denise B


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