What Women Are Saying About "Hypnopoetics..." Hypnotic Seduction Poems:

You Can Pause, Stop or Adjust Volume
"Poetry Man" - Queen Latifah

"Hi Phil..

Wow..Wow... I was in tears only moments ago reading the attached Poem “Healing”..and am in tears, wow. You hit me right in between my eyes and instantly in my heart - I mean instantly.  I decided that I am going to print this out and put this up on my vision board. Putting up words that I can't even imagine ever thinking those words on the end. But nevertheless I know that God is able. The words in that poem took my breath away. I already know that you are a master of your trade!

More importantly it gave me hope… I can't thank you enough … My cup runs over with the feeling of being blessed on today- Thank you!

All the VERY best,"

Terri Smalls

"I am a woman, and I used them with a man. I am very pleased with the results. I read several of them to him as I lay with my head in his lap.. reading softly and slowly, and gazing into his eyes when ever I could without losing my place. Watching his face go from 'but I wanted to watch TV', to interest and then tenderness was awesome! Thanks Phil for you poems, you newsletters, and your book!"


"Phil,  as someone who enjoys writing hypnotically and eloquently, I wanted to tell you what a lovely, hypnotic poem Sublimity is.  It definitely draws your imagination inward and puts you in that "special" place where anything is possible. Thanks for sharing,"


"I LOVE the poems, they are heart felt and have wonderful NLP traits and triggers that ease the subconscious into a very relaxed and agreeable state. They are Masterful yet Beautiful and Seductive."


"I have been meaning to email you to let you know what has been happening since you helped me with my last question, but i have been busy. After reading to him for 3 nights in a row, amazingly his behavior was "WOW" ... what a change!! this man has stopped giving me affection for almost a year, and suddenly he starts being the affectionate man i met. So, I stopped reading, and sure enough the attention stopped. Am i going crazy? "


"I used to think there is no point to buy new poems- we have tons of great classics, why should pay for the work by somebody unknown? Phil's work gave me the answer: because they bring you a new pleasure you never imagined! His wording is elegantly sensual, and breathtaking - echoing like instruments in an orchestra that stimulate your imagination endlessly ..."


"Thank you for these beautiful poems! I really feel the messages originate for your heart center and express the depth of such truths and beauty. You somehow summed up the deepest part of my emotions and feelings ... in ways that I myself had a hard time to verbalize. I read the poems and my heart is touched...thank you!"


"would you mind keep on sending me more love poems. I thank you once again for the effort well done. lets keep in touch"


"It touched my heart ... I love poetry and I would read it all day, everyday. "


"I used it on a friend and [it affected her so much] she cried."


"It is really nice to know you Mr.Phillip ... i really liked what you sent to me .. thank you so much.. "


"I felt the poetry had a very seductive and luring quality to it."


Hi...Phil How are you?? Thanks for your love poems, your masterpieces are so fantastic. I will always waiting for your next love poem..."


"I am Indonesian, I live in Jogjakarta but now i am in Lao for the job. Reading your poems can touch my soul deeply. You are so genius to fulfill your poems with soul and love, with your heart voices. Thanks again Phil, keep creating please..this world needs a guy like you. Cheers,"


"Phil, Thanks for the Beautiful poem it was very warm and enlighting to say the least. I'm so sorry for not replying sooner, However better late than never. I do hope to hear from you again."


"Phil........thanks for your brill reply..... so nice of you to help me! Think your poetry is terrific!! "


"Hi Phil, I am a psychology student with a deep interest in hypnosis, and your articles and poetry are amazing... I already have my degree, but love hypnosis and psychology, so I read and experiment with new techniques every chance I get... Its purely for personal use. with your permission, I would highly recommend your methods to my colleagues..."


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