Thursday, July 31, 2008
  How to Hypnotize Women with NLP Hypnotic Poems
Do you have to know how to hypnotize someone in order to use Hypnotic Seduction?

Yes and No. Yes, because in order to seduce someone using hypnosis, you have to be able to induce at least a light trance. Most people who have products or services that use Hypnotic Seduction (for instance Ross Jeffries and David DeAngelo) do a great job, making learning how to hypnotize women as easy as possible.

It takes some time, attitude, and practice, because you want to seem natural and you definitely don't want the women you hypnotize to think that is what you are doing (at least at first ;-)

But you don't have to know how to hypnotize if you use "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions".

All you do is read some innocent-seeming Modern Love Poetry and let it go to work and hypnotize the women. No chance of getting caught, and you don't have to learn how to hypnotize anyone.

Phil Billitz



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